Dreamer’s World May 31 2017 – Let’s Close Out This Month

The month of May is almost over. Now we can look forward to June and hopefully the start of summer around here. We certainly dealt with some summer storms last night, but I hope that things will get better now, and that the sun will return.
    As always my Wednesday started an hour earlier since I have to travel to the client’s office in DC. The new commute to the park and ride and then on to the Metro station isn’t that bad provided I get an early start. That way I have enough time to do what needs to be done at the office, catch up with everyone so they know that I still work for them, and then make my way back home to finish out the workday. Actually, today will be short because I am going to my new doctor this afternoon. I hope that this doctor and I can get along, if not I will have to look around once again because I will NOT be put on some medical assembly line practice. I will know the snaser to that by late this afternoon.
    The Fiesta is doing well after the first full day of ownership. I think that it will be a good car for many years. I will do whatever I can to maintain it properly and to take good care of it like I always have with my vehicles. I haven’t told that many people personally about it yet, in fact more people probably know about it through this blog than I ever plan to tell in person. Other than some regret about trading in the Beetle, I am fine with my decision. I have regrets because the Beetle was such a great car, but it was nearing the end of its serviceable life and it was time for a change.

    The morning trip was no problem getting to the park and ride lot, but then the bus was stuck in traffic along I-66 getting to Vienna Metro. This didn’t delay me too badly and I made it to the client’s office on time. On the trip back however, trains were delayed and this resulted in me missing my bus at Vienna by 5 minutes and then  having to wait for an hour for the next bus to get me back home to continue the short workday. I arrived here at noon and after a few quick meetings, I am off at 1300 for an appointment. Therefore, the day has basically been a complete wash for me. I will get to my doctor appointment this afternoon and then Hal wants to go to a few places after I am done, so it will; be a chance to take the Fiesta out and give it some exercise. I am OK with this because the doctor visit is simply to get acquainted with the new physician and make sure that any prescriptions can be refilled.

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