Dreamer’s World June 20, 2017 – After The Storm Has Passed

Tuesday morning has started with beautiful blue skies and, so far, no signs of the migraine that plagued me yesterday. I hope that the change in the weather will keep the headache away for a while. I am glad to have a nice day and I hope that Hal will want to do something to get out when I am finished with work this afternoon.
    I confess that I feel somewhat melancholy today, and I don’t know the reason why that is. I hope that I am not suffering from a premonition of some bad event. I certainly cannot claim to be clairvoyant under any circumstances. I have noticed, with the benefit of hindsight, that I have felt strange prior to events that happened in the past, but that proves nothing other than writing will help me to document how I feel at the time that I write. At times, I wonder if age doesn’t make us more keenly aware of things around us, a sort of unconscious memory that bubbles to the surface from time to time. Time is the key, and only time will tell if there is anything to this feeling I have today.
    One of the things that has been under consideration this week is an off-site Happy Hour for Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the person who oversees organizing it this time doesn’t seem interested. This means that the chances of it happening decrease with each day that goes by. I have been included in the emails and I have indicated that I will attend once the decision on where and when is finally made, but I will not put any further effort into this. If it happens, so be it. If it does not happen, I will survive. I would like to look forward to it, but I have been on this roller coaster ride before and I know what to expect. When it is my turn to organize these events, everyone is informed about the time and place well in advance so schedules can be arranged to accommodate the event. I always try to give everyone 2 weeks’ notice because there is always someone who will sabotage things at the last minute. I am a hard-ass about changing the schedule after giving everyone ample time to make their plans, and I have held them without full participation because trying to rearrange things to meet the needs of one person never works out because that leads to another individual having complications. I have also noticed the conflicts that arise when people cannot attend and develop an attitude about feeling left out.    I do not look forward to my next turn organizing this event.
    At any rate, I am staying out of this because the only result of additional inputs at this point will just fuck things up more than they already are. Hal and I can have our own Happy Hour on Friday without all the drama.

    I am glad that the workday is over. I am waiting for Hal to see if we are going anywhere for a few hours. I know that if he gets a phone call from a member of his family that things will probably grind to a halt because he usually stays on the phone with them for hours.

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