Dreamer’s World June 22. 2017 – An Amazing Experience

    At the end of an extremely long day at work yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and I really needed the adjustment. I have noticed a lot of positive changes since I switched to the new chiropractor and he says that things are really improving. Yesterday my shoulder was a real problem, the tension there would not release and he ended up with what the office calls “The Enforcer”, a tool that looks like a modified set of handlebars from a bicycle that he used to really punish the offending shoulder. The pain was exquisite because I knew that it was actually beneficial to me regardless of the discomfort.
    Immediately after that, I was then seeing the acupuncture specialist at the same office and she had consulted with the chiropractor and agreed to do some extra work on my shoulder. Even though I was face down on her table, I could feel the slight sensation of each of the 10 needles that she inserted around the shoulder. A small electrical current was then applied to the needles and I could feel things really starting to relax.
    At the end of that 30 minutes, she told me that it was time to “go after the shoulder”. I still couldn’t see what she was doing, but she told me that she was going to use some Gus Sha stones to work on my shoulder and back.
The first thought I has was heated stones placed along my back, instead she applied some herbal oil and then proceeded to use the stones to dig into the muscles all over the shoulder. I have never felt a massage like that in my entire life. When she was done, she advised me that I should alert Hal to what had happened, not because anything was wrong but because my back looked like this

Normally, you would think that I would be in agony, but I felt terrific. As the specialist said, the redness was where the crap that had accumulated in my system was actually being allowed to escape from my body. As gruesome as things looked, there was no soreness and no tender skin even though it was red and angry looking. This morning when I checked after a shower, the redness is still there but it isn’t as pronounced as in the picture from last night. She said that next week she will do some cupping around the same area to continue to draw out the crap. I am looking forward to it.
As for today, things are much quieter than they were yesterday and I am grateful for that. I will NOT stay late today, I already added the extra time from yesterday for pay purposes to my timesheet and I want to try and relax after work is over at 1530. I will have my regular meeting and that should go quickly, then it will be time for lunch followed by more meetings to close out the rest of the afternoon.

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