Dreamer’s World June 30 2017 – A Short Day At Work

June is now almost over with. July makes its appearance tonight at midnight and the seasons continue their slow march as our lives go on. I am glad to have made it through to the weekend, today will be a short day at work due to the company off-site Happy Hour this afternoon. I will not be drinking since I will have to travel about 25 miles to get there and then get back afterwards. I suspect that there will already be more than enough idiots on the road who have started their own parties early, and I don’t need nor want to end up as a statistic.

    The afternoon Happy Hour was fun. As I drove the 25 miles to get to the place, I passed 5 cops who were obviously prowling for anyone that might have started their holiday weekend a bit early. As a result, when I got to the place, I settled for plain lemonade as well as some fish and chips. I wanted no trouble on my way home and I made it back safely. Hal and I then went a few places and that made me even more grateful that I had not had anything strong to drink. We are home now and resting for the evening since Hal has to work in the morning.

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