Dreamer’s World June 19, 2017 - Mondays

I remember a song from the early 1980s by a group called The Boomtown Rats that was titled “I Don’t Like Mondays”, and right now that song is an earworm in my head. In addition to a migraine headache that I am trying my best to avoid, the whole day is just blah. The weather is supposed to turn nasty this afternoon when I am scheduled to take Hal to work, so I will have the joy of rush hour traffic in the rain to look forward to.
    In spite of those things, I will make the best of today, knowing that it is the only Monday I have to face this week. The only saving grace is that I will visit the chiropractor after taking Hal to work and I know that I will leave there feeling better.
    At least today has been a quiet one at work and I have had the time to get ahead of things even with a nagging headache that just won’t go away. I have taken Aleve and I suppose that the headache isn’t quite as bad as a result, but that really isn’t comforting to me right now. I will do my best to get through to quitting time. The real challenge will be taking Hal to work if the bad weather arrives right around rush hour. That is an issue to deal with when the time comes.
    If I feel better after taking Hal to work, I will try to cook and write. If I feel much better, I will practice guitar, but I believe that quiet will do me more good than anything. Just another example of why I don’t like Mondays.

    The storms arrived around 1500, and they got here very quickly. Some wind was followed by some very heavy winds and then rain and lightning and thunder. It got extremely dark as the rain poured down for at least 15 minutes. Just as quickly as it had arrived, the storm passed although we are still having rain but the wind has died down. If the storm had to hit, I am glad that it has passed now rather than when I take Hal to work or go to get him later this evening. I wonder if the headache will start to ease as the cold front approaches. I certainly hope so because this has been bugging me all day long. Now I have one last conference call to participate in before I can call it a day here. 

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