Dreamer’s World June 07 2017 – A Change To The Routine

This morning I could sleep in for an extra hour, and it feels terrific. I do not have to travel to the client’s office this morning because so many people are on vacation or are out for other meetings. This means that I could sleep in and start my workday at the regular time this morning. Another added benefit is that I still have the time blocked off through habit so that other people don’t try to contact me until lunchtime because I am normally not available. This will give me the chance to really focus on one of the other tasks that I have on my plate right now and put some quality work in on it. I would like to keep ahead of schedule on this task and finish before the deadline next month if possible.
While Stevie Nicks and Spartacus are sleeping off their morning milk, Hal The Cat is taking his time to enjoy the morning as he surveys his provinces from the window in the bedroom.
While I work today, I will be waiting for some packages to arrive through Amazon. Just a few items that I ordered while I had the urge to do so. One of the items is an Android smartwatch that I have had my eye on for some time now. My old fitness trackers have reached the end of their useful lives and require charging far too often. I realize that the smartwatch will also require almost daily charging, but I will get more functionality from it in exchange rather than the knowledge that the frequent charging signifies the end of the product’s lifespan. With luck, the smartwatch will arrive by quitting time this afternoon before I have my chiropractor and acupuncture appointments.
    I am really looking forward to the acupuncture treatment this evening because after each session I feel incredible. The specialist says that she has an accelerated treatment plan that will help correct some issues and then I will go on to a regular maintenance routine. I am happy with the results and will continue treatments if I feel the benefits. The chiropractor has also noticed improvement with my back and I can tell the difference. After so many years of nagging pain, the change is wonderful and I don’t want this great feeling to go away.
    I have yet to hear from Nicola after her arrival in Scotland but I know that she is busy getting everything organized and preparing to start her new life there. From what she told me before she left, she is supposed to have a date this evening and I wish her the best since she felt that one of the main reasons she left here was that she was tired of being known as the widow of her late husband rather than for being herself. I always felt bad for her in that regard because she had done far too much to preserve Don’s memory and deserved to make necessary changes in her life, sadly too many of her friends felt that she had no place other than as the widow. The fact is that she held the family together wonderfully during that terrible time and Brianna has stayed in college and Connor has grown into a fine young man as well. If she did nothing but sit and mope, things would have been so much worse.
    Back to the here and now, I am waiting for later in the day to start the laundry. It is nice to be ab le to accomplish chores as I work. It gives me a sense of perspective and helps to keep me focused when I take breaks throughout the day at work. I still remember my initial hesitation about working from home and now I wonder why I was no hesitant about doing it before.
It certainly looks like we will get more rain today. The sun has made a few brief appearances this morning, but it looks like the clouds have finally won. At least I am not having to travel through the weather. If I had gone to the meeting with the client, I would be about to venture out into this on my way back home.  My normal trip involves waiting on a bus for up to 30 minutes and although the bus stop is protected from the elements to some degree, it would still be miserable if I was stuck out in the rain. By the weekend, we will have a return to hot and sunny weather with temperatures into the 90s during the day. I certainly hope that it will be a beautiful weekend that I can enjoy.
    By the time work had ended, I felt much better about how things are going. I will have plenty of time tomorrow to work more on the projects and I can also start looking forward to the weekend. I am still waiting on the smartwatch to arrive, it still says out for delivery for status. My main goal before the chiropractor and acupuncture is to relax and rest. Since the weather remains cool and overcast I think that we will be staying in tonight once I get home from the appointments. That will give me time to hopefully tinker with the new smartwatch since it should have arrived by then.