Dreamer’s World July 21, 2017 – Finishing Up This Week

    This week of work is nearly behind me. I am looking forward to the weekend at last, and a chance to relax and get some things done around here that have been put off as I toiled on the project as the deadline approached. I still will finish early, but I am really tired of writing for a technical audience and want to let my mind run free once again. I am feeling great after a visit to the chiropractor and acupuncturist last night, although I could have used a bit more sleep. I was guilty of staying up later than I should in order to read.

    Perhaps Hal and I will make what we hope will be our final trip to the local thrift store with items that we want to donate after I am finished with work. This will help us to clear up the apartment even more than it already is, and make the place a more comfortable home. I know that this has been the most successful moving purge that we have ever had. All of the old clothing items are being doated to help those in need because that is the human thing to do.