Dreamer’s World July 7. 2017 – Closing Out A Short Week

    Weeks with a holiday are often the ones that I dislike the most. Not the holiday part, but the resulting feeling that things are out of sync for the rest of the week and this carries over throughout these short weeks. I am struggling to close out this workday and then relax and try to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. Over the last few hours, I have felt exhaustion creeping over me and I am fighting it off as the afternoon meetings roll on.
    Honestly, I think that I need a vacation soon. I am hoping to hold out until Labor Day if at all possible, but I am at the point where I will play things by ear between now and then. I don’t want a vacation that involves travel, I just want one that allows me to take time and rest and recharge my batteries. At times I have thought about making trips when I take time away from work, but I just don’t feel the desire to do so right now.
    When I finish with work today, Hal and I will run a few errands and then get home by early evening. I will try to get some sleep tonight and then start the weekend on an energized note. I will try to set some tasks for myself that don’t involve money or too much effort for the weekend and then hope for the best. I want to practice my guitar this weekend to help relax myself.