Dreamer's World July 5 2017 - Lighting

I have read about how important it is to have a proper place in which to write. One of the most crucial aspects of a writing place is the lighting that one will use. I finally broke down and purchased an LED desk lamp through Amazon and here it is:
On a rainy and overcast day like today, it  is making a huge difference in the atmosphere at the desk. I finally threw out an ancient IKEA desk lamp that simply was not generating enough light to make things comfortable, and I am glad that I did. Since I love to write, there is no point writing in an environment that is not pleasant to be in.
It got me to thinking about how much things have changed since the move in April. I now have a lot more space here in the room and I can tell how my mood has improved since then. Before this, I was crammed into an insufferably small space that offered little comfort. Taking care of those issues made a big difference, the last little touch was the new desk lamp.

Comfort is something that is important in our daily lives. Even if we cannot always be in a comfortable spot, we need one that we can retreat to when the need arises. It is an investment in our sanity.

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