Dreamer's World September 16 2015 - Contentment


     Tuesday turned out to be busier than I expected at work. Meetings popped up on my calendar without warning, I had to juggle them around my existing schedule change since I left work early to go to the podiatrist for my annual exam and then on to pick up my new glasses (finally) early in the evening. Added to that was the phone calls and the instant messages from coworkers which kept me jumping all day while I was at work.

    I cannot say that any of this really surprised me. Returning to work after a much-needed and well-deserved week off, something like this was bound to happen. I will take some time to relax this evening and enjoy dinner with Hal. I have to get to bed earlier than normal because I have to travel to meet with the client tomorrow morning. I hope that tomorrow will go smoothly because it will end with my visit to the Chiropractor. I am really looking forward to that. I need to get the soreness and tension released from my body. My neck and shoulders are killing me and I need that relief.

    Having said all that, I am glad that I have a job to get back to. I have had times in my adult life when this wasn’t the case. I look back and wonder how I survived those times, but here I am. I have Hal and The Stooges, we all are healthy and have a roof over our heads. We are all happy with each other and not looking to mess things up. Life is actually pretty good now. The occasional hiccups at work are something that I can take care of.

    Life is always interesting, but not always easy. We need to learn to truly enjoy the good times. A key factor is that the good times are not always as evident as we would wish them to be. What passes for an ordinary day is actually a great thing if we stop to think about it. We are so driven to expect newer and better things that we seldom take the time to truly appreciate what we already have. Contentment is seen by too many as weakness or a lack of ambition, I disagree, I think that contentment is the place we all need to feel secure is ourselves. That place gives us the strength to go out and try to achieve even more. I need my place to feel comfortable and to retreat to at times. Home gives me strength and helps me to do even better in the real world.

    Don’t let yourself get so caught up in things that you are chasing that you forget what you already have. 


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