Dreamer's World September 15 2015

Tuesday is a day that defies description. Monday is a day that writes itself, the laments on the weekend just past coupled with the sense of impending doom that the new week promises to bring. What Monday lacks for in desirability, it certainly makes up for in negativity.
Tuesday, on the other hand, defies a simple explanation. While one is joyful knowing that Monday is past, it is still too early in the week to truly contemplate the weekend that still looms so far away in the future. While the temptation to write Tuesday off is very strong, I see Tuesday as full of possibilities that we were too busy to notice on Mondays.
Perhaps Tuesday is a day to treat as a new starting point for the week. Monday is a universal washout, so why not start over? It certainly makes Tuesday seem better than it currently is. Nothing special happens on a Tuesday anyway.

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