Dreamer's World September 26 2015

    The weekend is here at last. After am extremely long day on Friday, Hal and I stayed home last night and had dinner before relaxing for the rest of the evening. Because Hal had to work today, he went to bed early. I stayed up late and ended up making a real mess in the kitchen. As I was making a drink, I knocked the glass over on the counter and before I could stop it, the liquid got to my BG meter. Frantic attempts to dry it off and prevent damage were fruitless, and so I had to go out to the local CVS which is open 24 hours to get a new BG meter.
    I really hate when I do something so clumsy like knocking a glass over. I have no one to blame but myself for the accident and the lesson is that I will NEVER leave my new BG meter in the kitchen on the counter ever again. It wasn't the expense, because the BG meter only costs $25, it was the inner rage at myself for being so clumsy and careless in the first place. I must have berated myself internally for about 30 minutes as I cleaned things up in the kitchen before I ventured to CVS to get the new BG meter.
    As I checked my diabetic supply bag, in which I keep my BG meter and other supplies, the damage from last night is noticeable so I have just ordered a replacement nag thru Amazon and that should arrive tomorrow.
On rare occasions, I will have these internal explosions. I know that they are not good for me, but sometimes a random event can trigger them like last night. I need to explore why this happens to me, and take steps to eliminate this from my life. I don't feel as if I am internalizing these things, perhaps it is just a way for me to release pressure from other things in my life without realizing it.
    As for today, I'm staying home. There is no reason that I have to go out and I need some rest anyway. I will be watching football and eating what is already here rather than ordering food. I want to save as much money as I can during this pay period. The weather is unsettled here as well, so that is yet another reason to stay at home now.
    We all need some quiet times in our lives. A time when we can rest, relax, and not have to worry about anything. I think that this weekend is just like that for me.
I really enjoyed Dr. Who this evening. I am more impressed with Capaldi every time I see him. To make the evening complete, UK managed to win a game this evening and they are now 3-1 on the year. Being a UK football fan is a difficult thing. Each loss can signify the long slide to oblivion that we are so accustomed to seeing. I am very happy that they won.

On that note, I am closing this post and want to wish everyone a great tomorrow.

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