Dreamer's World September 30 2015

I took today off work in order to get Hal to his medical appointment this morning. It was time for his 5-year colonoscopy and I had spent last night taking care of him as he prepared for the ordeal this morning. We got up very early in order to get him to the appointment on time, and I dropped him off. I fully expected to get the call to come back in approximately 4 hours or so, based on the last time we did this. Actually, he called me less than an hour after I dropped him off work.
I am very glad to report that everything is fine, There is no sign of any problems and the ordeal is over with for several more years. I am glad that I am off work to be here to help Hal as he recovers from this. Right now he is still sleeping off the drugs they gave him. I will let him rest as much as he needs to. I am sure that he will have his appetite back once he is awake and alert, so I will make sure that something is ready for him to eat at that time.
Hal slept for about 3 hours after I got him home. He woke up and I had some lunch ready for him, and he was grateful for that. Turns out that spending the day here and off work was the right choice as I make sure he recovers properly.
The next big item on the horizon here is Joaquin, the hurricane that is forecast to possibly hit the East Coast around the weekend. I am going to Harris Teeter later today before all the panic buying starts. Thankfully, we don’t need much from the store but it pays to plan ahead. I will also get gas in the Beetle since it is running low.
I decided to go ahead and get the items and fill the gas tank, and I just got back. It was nice to avoid the crowds that will form later today. I also want to thank President Obama for $2.35 a gallon for gas! At least we are prepared for lots of rain now. Living on the 4th floor means that the flooding risk is not a concern, especially since our building is on a hill. Working from home means that even if there are roads flooded, it won’t directly affect us. 

I ended up taking a nap early this evening after it was apparent that Hal is going to be OK. I needed the rest, to be honest and I feel better. Tomorrow I will be back at work here from home and things will return to normal.

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