Drreamer's World September 21 2015 - The Promise and the Danger of Bernie Sanders


I am feeling the Bern. I will be voting for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, and hopefully in the general election in 2016. I am tremendously impressed with Bernie and what he stands for. I honestly believe that he is the best candidate for the job. I cannot describe how impressed I am when he speaks, because he doesn’t stoop to the negative campaign tactics that are polluting American politics. I respect the fact that Bernie doesn’t take corporate contributions and instead concentrates on small donations from everyday Americans.
So what is the danger? Let’s start with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party seems hell-bent on nominating Hilary Clinton and they are not even trying to hide this from the public. The DNC has resisted called for more candidate debates, and the resulting uproar could come back to haunt them. It is not that I have anything against Clinton, I just feel that Bernie is the best person for the job.
The second part of the danger stems from the first. Most Democratic party leaders are reluctant to endorse Bernie, even if they agree with him. Could this be becasue they fear financial repercussions from the DNC if they stray from the fold? It certainly looks like it. This situation gives the public the distinct impression that the Democratic party doesn’t really care about what a large percentage of the people really want. If the Deomcratic Party cannot bring themselves around to the idea of President Sanders, then he will have won the election and will end up being basically powerless without any support from Congress.
I truly believe that Bernie is the right person for the job. But to be sure that he can win and do great things, we all need to support Progressive candidates in the House and Senate. Promises need to be extracted from those Representatives and Senators that they WILL support Sanders. It will be up to US to hold their feet to the fire and let them know that this is a real movement and that we are tired of the BS politics as usual.

Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for President, in my humble opinion. Let’s not focus strictly on him, let’s shine the light on the rest of Congress as well in order to make some real progress in this country for the first time in 40 years. Vote for Bernie, and vote for those that will support him. If Bernie is elected and has no congressional support, then his election will have been in vain, and that is the danger.

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