Dreamer’s World September 10 2015 - A Much Needed Break

Recently, I took a break from my attempt at daily writing. It has been 9 days since I last wrote anything worth publishing. I was just too exhausted from work and waiting for my vacation to arrive. That vacation has finally begun. I feel so much better and hope that the time will allow me to recharge my batteries that had been so badly drained throughout this year.

I want to spend time with Hal and The Stooges, get out of here on a few small day trips if possible, and learn to let things go all over again. So far, those things have been accomplished. I am feeling alive again after my down time. I am planning to take Hal somewhere he has talked about going on Thursday, rain or shine. I owe it to him for being su.ch a wonderful partner and also the most important person in my life as well as my best friend.

It seems somehow appropriate that I am suffering from insomnia again, but this too shall pass. I can take the time that I would normally spend sleeping and try to recap things. I have to start with what happened on Wednesday. Hal and I were out just looking around and hwe went into a store that sells men’s cologne. We were just checking things out when Hal suddenly told me to get something that I wanted. I was stunned at this, and I asked him again if he was really serious. He told me that he was and that he wanted to get something for me. I am never speechless, but I couldn’t find the words to say how much I love him at that point. His expression told me that he knew anyway.

Hal made the gesture because he had seen how worn down I had become. I cannot thank him enough, and I will wear some of the cologne whenever we are back out together. Love is never far away from us if we are brave enough to let it all in. Love is something that has defied explanation throughout history, but we all know it when it is present.

I had thought of writing about the ridiculous situation in Kentucky over the past week or so, but I realized that I was in no shape to write anything worth reading. My focus was gone, I simply needed a rest from the daily routine that I had fallen into without meaning to. I managed to stay active on social media, and I made some comments on blogs that I follow from people I admire. I hope that my own writing will be appreciated by others in the future, but I write for myself first and foremost.

I am still torn between taking Hal and going on a day trip somewhere or staying closer to home. The Stooges need to be taken care of, and that is the main reason we haven’t traveled much so far during my break. Tomorrow I will take Hal to the place he has wanted to go. It isn’t that far away from here, but since Hal doesn’t drive unless absolutely necessary, I was always too exhausted to take him after work. That will change tomorrow.

I have resisted the urge to spend money during this time off. It isn’t the reason I wanted the time off anyway. I think that if I keep on saving in accordance with my plan, I am better off in the long term anyway. But there is one exception and that will be if I see something that Hal really likes. If I can do it, it will be his as my gesture of love and affection towards him.

The time off has made me realize what is important once again. It has made me grateful for Hal and The Stooges. Stevie Nicks and Maxwell just conned me out of some cat treats while I was attempting to write. Spartacus is asleep somewhere and didn’t hear the commotion, but I will love him later when he wants attention.

I speak of the Stooges as if they were human. In my eyes, they basically are. They are the loving children who will never require a car when they turn 16, they will never turn on us as an act of rebellion. Hal and I treat them with love and respect, and they return the favor to us every single day. We are all one family making our way through this world. We struggle against the outside world at times, but we work hard to maintain harmony within these walls. After nearly 16 years for Hal and myself, 14 for Maxwell and Spartacus, and just over 2 for Stevie Nicks, we are all doing quite well.

I suppose that this is the main point I am trying to make. We all have those times when we feel exhausted and helpless, but there are always those who will help us if we let them. That is what Love is all about.

Eventually, I will get back to posting on a more regular basis. For right now, I am enjoying the feeling of being alive once again.

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