Dreamer's World September 14 2015

I returned to work this morning after having last week off. I really needed the time away from the job. It helped me to clear my head and relax. I wish that I was still on vacation, but I really couldn’t justify taking any more time right now. Perhaps if I had bought a winning lottery ticket...........

Actually, I don’t mind getting back to work that much since I already work from home. I am spending time this morning wading through the mountain of emails that arrived last week. Apparently, providing an extended absence response doesn’t help some people. I will apply the required amount of interest that my Type B personality feels is necessary to these items as I go through the day.

The time together with Hal was wonderful. Last night I made dinner for us both as a way to mark the end of my vacation. I really need to cook more around here and eat less frozen entree’s and fast food. I did notice that by the end of last week that my BG was really starting to stay in the excellent range. A big part of this was the weather change that happened as things cooled down considerably. This always happens when the seasons begin to change. While I will miss Summer, I have to admit that I feel great with my BG within normal range.

Hal also enjoyed the time together. We didn’t make any extended day trips last week, but that was fine with me. In fact, I spent less than $200 the entire week and most of that came in one day when I got some new shirts and ties. I am trying to keep all that I can in the back right now, and transfer more money to savings from checking after next payday. I am building up my account in order to really attack the last credit card as soon as possible. Experience has taught me that this takes time, and that trying to rush things never works out well.

I am sad to hear about yet another shooting at an American campus, this time it is at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. How many more times will we have to endure these tragedies before we actually DO SOMETHING about the problem of gun violence in America? I am tired of hearing RWNJ whining about their “freedom” being under attack when people are actually being KILLED. The right to Life is greater than the right to have a gun, period. That terrible news interrupted my lunch. I made the mistake of checking Twitter, where real news gets reported first.

I plan to take a nice long walk after work to the grocery store for a few necessities before dinner. I am already looking forward to dinner with Hal this evening, even though it will be warmed up from last night, it will still be wonderful and delicious.

One thing that my week off really reinforced was the connection that Hal and I share with each other. After over 15 1/2 years, we are stronger than ever. In many ways, this has cost us some friends. I say that because they are unable to compromise when they are looking for that special someone in their own lives and I suppose that some of their frustration gets transferred to Hal and myself. This is their loss, we learned a long time ago to just cut them loose when they act up like that because it always indicates some deeper problems that we weren’t aware of. Experience is the best teacher.

I find myself wandering all over the place with this blog post, so be it. I am getting back into the routine here after my time off. I honestly was so burned out from work that my blogging suffered that last week before I took time off. I feel much better now and am ready to get back into the habit of daily posts once again.

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