Dreamer's World September 17 2015 - Nearing the End of the Week

Thursday is here at last, or as I like to call it, Friday Eve. I am glad to have made it through so much of the week already, and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.
I managed to get my chiropractic visit in last night, and I feel tremendously better this morning. After I got home, I refused to watch any of the republiKKKan clown car show on CNN. There is no way in HELL that I would ever vote for those morons unless the voting machine is rigged. Sadly, I suspect that might be the case in areas of the country.
Just listening to what friends and people I respect have said about the debacle last night, I feel ashamed for our country. If this were happening in some other nation, we would be laughing our asses off and wondering how those people could possibly be so ridiculous. Instead, it is the rest of the world that is laughing at us as the media continues to cram this shit down our throats.
Personally, I gave up on the media long ago, What they tell you is what their corporate masters want you to know. Truth is not a part of their business model to be quite honest. I see people watching CNN, Fake News and the other networks in public spaces and their glazed-over eyes tell me that the corporate plan is working, and that our representative system is now representing only what the powerful want it to.
To be honest, the amount of stupidity is staggering. The media makes heroes out of the most undeserving people and then blasts the public with non-stop coverage of that person to the exclusion of all other “news”. I am far from the most intelligent person on the planet, but this bullshit is just impossible to miss.
Perhaps my internal aversion to the media, and to getting news from tv in general, has given me a different perspective, I certainly do not feel ill-informed on events. To the contrary, I often find others asking me what I think simply because I do NOT parrot the talking points that so many people accept as Gospel. I have always leaned more towards the cynical side because my parents taught me to question things in a detailed and serious way. I was taught that the answers that are supposed to cover every contingency for everybody are usually the biggest lies. This explains why I am an Atheist as well. The more someone has to tell me how great something is, the more I question it and their motives.
These are not feelings unique to Thursdays. I ask questions all the time. I suppose that there are instances when I should try to tone things down, but at the same time I want to help people if I can. Experience has taught me that most people are happy being stupid and led like lambs to the slaughter and that no amount of effort on my part will change this. Acceptance isn’t easy.
That is why I write about things like being happy with what I have rather than trying to walk all over people to get a little bit more than I already have. I see the entire system as rigged in a way that you simply cannot win. All the effort and thought that goes into the pursuit of something new or something larger is designed to keep people from being aware of things that are going on around them. The system is designed to prevent questions. The system is designed to punish those who think outside the box until they can be co-opted to be a part of the box.

I think about these things. I do what I have to do in order to survive and I try to be the best person I can be. I try to be kind and supportive to others. I try to maintain a space of my own that I can retreat to when things get to be too much. For that reason, I am glad that this week will soon be over.

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