Dreamer's World September 14 2015 - Tragedy at Delta State University

Once again, we are confronted with the horrible spectre of another shooting at an American university. Delta State University is located in northwest Mississippi. DSU is a small school in a small Southern town. The name itself invokes images of peace and tranquility. Sadly that image has been shattered today.
The details are still sketchy, but apparently a professor was shot and killed in his office. Motive and killer are unknown at this time, but theories are already sprouting up. I won’t bother to go into any of them now because the fact remains that someone is dead. This is a tragedy, but one that we are slowly becoming immune to due to the lack of efforts to control gun violence in this country. It is a shame that there is a small minority that wants to continue the status quo, with all the violence, because they feel “threatened”. What about the people who are dead as a result of gun violence? They were threatened as well.
The old arguments are ridiculous. There is NEVER a good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun. That is some kind of tv western fantasy scenario that some people cannot let go of. We cannot live in a civilized society for long when the risk of random violence is so great. We need stricter gun control, but the tragedy at DSU will not provide the spark. If the MURDER of 20 CHILDREN at a school in Connecticut wasn’t able to do it, I don’t know what it will take.
For now, we are supposed to be comforted that there is only 1 victim from today’s tragedy. I submit that this is 1 victim TOO MANY. How many more incidents like this are we seriously prepared to handle?
The mainstream media simply wets their collective pants every time something like this happens. They bring in their so-called “experts” to say the same things that they said the last time a tragedy like this happened. They create “BREAKING NEWS” segments to exploit the situation. They leak theories like faucets and then claim to be “responsible” journalists. They treat these events like ratings boosters rather than covering them as tragedies and attempting to create public debate on what can be done to prevent these things from happening again.
Sadly, the mainstream media reacts completely differently when one of their own is the victim. The tragedy in Virginia recently proved this. All of a sudden, there is a real person who was attacked and killed in cold blood by a murderer. The victims of EVERY incident like the one at DSU deserve the same respect.

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