Dreamer's World September 27 2015

    Sunday is here, and I am definitely staying home today. I have a package from Amazon that should be arriving at some point during the day, and I really have no need to spend any money. It looks like there is a chance that we MIGHT be able to see the Blood Moon tonight, but that can always change depending on the weather. I will try to get some pics if I am able.
    Hal is at work today, and I have the place to myself along with the Stooges of course. Since it is not after noon yet, there is no football to watch. Thankfully, I can watch NFL Redzone rather than the awful choices given to us due to our location. 
     If I seem rather disinterested today, I am. I don't know exactly what is going on to make me feel this way, but the feeling is real. Perhaps it is the crappy weather this weekend that is affecting me, if it isn't that, then I really have no idea what is causing this. I don't feel depressed, just completely detached from things right now. Nothing has gone wrong here, in fact nothing has happened at all. 
     I'm hopeful that a good night of restful sleep will have me back to normal tomorrow. 

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