Dreamer's World September 21 2015

    I am actually starting this post on Sunday evening. Hal and I are watching an old Charlie Chan movie on TCM as a way to finish up our weekend. There is something nice about spending time together without a care in the world. I know that these movies are terribly dated, but they are still fun to watch, especially with someone you truly care about. Curling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and spending the evening together is awesome.
Monday has arrived far too soon. I am ready to start work from home while trying to keep my mind off of our friend who is sick. Hopefully, Hal will be in touch with him during the day and I will find out the latest and if there is any way that we can help him at this time. I have resisted the urge to let other friends of ours know the news simply because I am old-fashioned about these things. I will not let anyone know until he has given permission to use his name and directed us as to who should know about his condition as well.
I am still hoping to hear from my old school friend who got her new job. I haven’t heard from her since Friday, but I know that she was extremely busy over the weekend. I hope that she is doing well  this morning and ready to dive back into her new job with the excellence that she displays in everything else. I feel so happy that I was able to give her some relatively good advice a few weeks back when she was at a low point.
The morning has started here with the normal routine. I had to physically remove Spartacus from my chair in order to get to my desk. This is an everyday occurrence since he likes to sleep in my chair at night. Stevie Nicks has chased Maxwell under the bed, and we won’t see him for a few hours as he takes his morning nap. Unless Maxwell hears the refrigerator door open or a can being opened, he will be quiet and out of the way.
Of course, the first obstacle that I must overcome is the normal Monday morning reticence of the company laptop to connect to the internet and then to the VPN. This happens every Monday, so it is nothing unusual, but it is extremely frustrating knowing that there is an avalanche of emails waiting for me since last Friday afternoon. Eventually, things will work themselves out and I can get on with ym day at work. Until then, I prefer the quiet over the noise anyway. Hal likes to watch TV during the day, so he is banished to the living room and I just close the door to maintain my sanity.
After approximately 20 minutes, the laptop has finally woken up and is now connected so I can start my day. I plan to pace myself and keep things on an even keel throughout the day here.
As lunchtime rolls around, I can say that I have caught up on everything this morning. The afternoon will NOT be loaded with conference calls for a change, and I really am grateful for the break in that particular part of my daily routine. I will have my weekly 1-1 meeting with my supervisor late this afternoon and that will mark the end of the day for me. Right now, as I finish my lunch, I am getting ready to update the team on my projects at the daily scrum meeting. Personally, I find all of these meetings rather distracting because it takes time away from tasks that I already have. Sadly, participation is not voluntary, it is mandatory.
Once the workday is over, Hal and I will figure out what we want to do early this evening. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at some new Dr. Martens boots, but that would be just looking right now. There is no reason to spend any money that isn’t necessary. We have food here for dinner from the items I cooked yesterday and that will be more than good enough. I just have to get through until payday and then I will be all set for the next 2 weeks. I am happy that I have come to the point at which my spending is no longer in danger of exceeding my income ;)
I often find myself back at the point of stressing about the importance of being comfortable with what I have, rather than what I would like to have. Each day I go through this I am more and more relaxed and at ease with the decisions I have made, and I am glad that I maintained the discipline necessary over the last several years to get me to this point. The last remaining debt I have will take some time to overcome, but I am on the way and there will be no stopping me!

As for the evening, I just convinced myself to stay home from re-reading my last few sentences :)

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