Farewell, Matt Smith

After watching the "Time of the Doctor" episode last night I realized that I will actually miss Matt Smith as he leaves Doctor Who. Like many other people, I came to admire him as he portrayed the iconic role for 3 years. Admittedly, I was not a fan of the way he began his run as The Doctor, but I blamed that on the plot that ran throughout his first season. As time went on, I grew fond of the relationship that The Doctor developed with Amy and Rory but the beginning was a bit rough around the edges.

I remember a theory that the Doctor should only have one companion at a time in order to focus on the story and not be full of so many subplots. Perhaps this was a reason that I found the start of Matt Smith's tenure so difficult. The producers of the show obviously lay out key points that will be addressed later on, so it is dangerous to stop watching the show based on something very petulant.

I will miss Matt Smith, but I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi.

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