More tech goodies?

I recently went to Best Buy. Nothing unusual about that, I love to check out new gadgets of all types. I recently upgraded my headphones and iPod since both were nearly unusable after so many years. What struck me was the 13" MacBook Air that was in the Apple section of the Best Buy store. I think I fell in love with that machine right away. Unfortunately, the price tag dampened my enthusiasm. I began thinking about it and rapidly came to the decision that another laptop is not something I need right now. Through purchases and contacts, I have a netbook and a laptop that are both running Ubuntu Linux rather than Windows (which I despise). I have a Galaxy Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus 10 and a Chromebook. Obviously I do not need another device right now, but the MacBook Air was extremely sweet to look at and dream about.

I have my iMac here at home, and I love it after nearly 3 years. The iMac I had before this one lasted for 10 years, and I hope that this one will make it that long as well. One decision I have already made is that my next big machine will also be another Apple. The thing is that by that time, I probably will just settle for a nice laptop from Apple anyway rather than investing in another desktop. Perhaps I will change my mind before that time, I certainly hope that is several years away at the earliest.

I take pride in being a user of multiple platforms in my everyday life. No one among my friends is willing to take the plunge and go for Ubuntu Linux. I am so glad that I decided to move to Linux over 10 years ago, it isn't something that I did on a whim, there was a lot of effort that went into the decision at the time.

I will keep wishing that I had the actual need and the money to get the new MacBook Air, but for now I am happy.

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