Remember those less fortunate on a cold night

This is supposed to be the coldest night here so far this late fall. The temperature is supposed to fall into the teens here in the DC area. At a time like this when so many who will read this are sitting at home, warm and comfortable, please don't forget those who are less fortunate. There are far too many people in the DC area alone who will be cold and hungry tonight. This is a tragedy in the world's richest nation, but it seems to be a reflection of what we are and who we have become.

I work with people who constantly spout off RWNJ rhetoric about how the poor and homeless are responsible for their own bad situations. This is a dangerously seductive philosophy because it shifts the blame for our societal ills onto the victims and seemingly absolves some people (RWNJ) of any responsibility. This is not the way of a civilized society. How can anyone feel anything but compassion when they see suffering? The RWNJ philosophy seems to exist to cushion and insulate the believers from the realities of life. Please tell me how a child deserves to be homeless and hungry in this day and age?

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