Finishing the Week

The day after Xmas has arrived and I am at the office once again. Part of me wishes that I had taken today and tomorrow off from work, I am very tired. Hal and I went to visit friends yesterday and had a wonderful time. We congratulated their daughter on her acceptance to the university that she had hoped to attend, and was absolutely thrilled with the news.

I know that Hal and I had some impact on her acceptance, but not in any underhanded way. B wants to go into the field of Forensics and Hal and I happen to know someone who works in that field and has a superb reputation. M has talked to B several times over the last several months and advised her what she needs to focus on during her Senior year in high school in order to present herself as an outstanding candidate for the university program. M's advice has proven invaluable to B as she went through the application process, and was a big factor in B being accepted. It doesn't hurt that B is also an Honors Student without M's help :)

As the congratulations were being exchanged, her parents were already trying to calculate the cost of college for B. Scholarships have already been offered by the University that will help out, but college is such an odious expense these days for any student and their family. I am sure that her parents will be able to work something out that will protect their interests and also help B as she embarks on the path to adulthood.

While Hal and I wanted to spend more time there yesterday, we had to leave rather early in the evening because I have to be here at the office this morning. Someone has to answer the non-occurring phone calls and answer the non-existent emails today and tomorrow. While I am very tired and wish I was still home in bed, I know that this is not a dumb decision because I will have the vacation time saved up for later when I really need it! I would rather take a day or two as needed and save up for a week or more off when I want it. I am already planning some days off next month, but I am really saving time up for Spring and Summer when the weather will be nice.

Until that time arrives, I will be here at the office making sure that all of the people who did take vacation won't have to worry about things when they get back around the 6th of January. This pattern will repeat next week for the New Year's holiday. Not a big deal as I mentioned before because Hal and I don't do anything major for New Year's anyway.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Xmas and will stay safe as 2014 approaches next week.

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