Glad to be at home

I left work an hour early this afternoon since there was absolutely nothing going on today. I picked up Hal at the apartment and then we went on to an early dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. We were very surprised to find that the place was closing at 4 pm. This is rather unusual since the restaurant is located in a satellite building in one of the local malls. The stores were probably staying open until at least 6 om, if not later.

Luckily, we arrived in time to be seated and place our order before 3:45 and the staff informed us that we were welcome to be there until 5 pm, but that they would not accept any more customers after 4 pm, and they promptly locked the doors at that time. So, Hal and I enjoyed our steak dinners at a leisurely pace and were out the door well before 5 pm.

Any insane ideas about browsing and/or people watching at the stores was quickly put to rest by the overflow crowd in the parking lot. It was no tough decision to come back home. Turns out that was a great idea because the wind has begun to howl around here this evening. The temperature has really plummeted over the past few hours and the people still out there trying to find a last-minute bargain can have them!

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