Lack of Sleep

Last weekend was unusually warm here in the DC area. It was 75 degrees here over the weekend. While that was rather nice, it did mean that the apartment was way too warm at night to sleep. This is not something that surprises me anymore, since we live in an older building that has centrally controlled heating and air conditioning and that means everything is shifted between air conditioning and heating twice a year. As of October, the air conditioning was turned off and the heat was turned on. Every time since then, whenever the weather has been warm we have had the same problem. Since we are on the 17th floor, it is virtually impossible to keep the temperature in the apartment below 78-80 degrees at night. The only relief is when the windows are open AND the wind comes from the proper direction to cool the place off.

There have been too many times since then when the temperature has remained far too warm to sleep. This weekend was one of those times. I might have gotten 5 hours of awful sleep over the entire weekend. I just cannot get enough sleep and we are going to move next summer when our lease is up. Sadly, this won't help me to get through the next few months and whatever warm spells we might have before then. If things go as planned, the air conditioner should be turned on sometime in April if we are lucky. Until then, I hope that the weather stays on the cool side.

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