Oncoming Train Wreck

There are some days and weeks that go smoother than others. This is one of those borderline weeks that can still go either way at this point. Issues at work involving coworkers and office politics are to blame for this. I am trying to keep out of the line of fire for as long as I can. If someone wants to try to ambush the boss when he comes to town for the Xmas party next week, that is their business. I had to tell them point blank today that I will not be a part of this.

I feel that there are some legitimate complaints and issues being raised, but I disagree that the Xmas party is the time or the place to address them. I can see the train wreck coming, but apparently I am powerless to stop it. My goal is to get out of the danger zone and wait until things have died down. I have been with this company for nearly 8 years, and like every company there are some drawbacks and things that I don't like. On the other hand, this company does so many things very well and I am content with things right now. I fail to see the need for drama, especially when the likely result will not be very pleasant for the instigator.

There is approximately 1 week until the scheduled fireworks. I have tried talking the coworker out of this, but they seem determined. As of this afternoon, I officially washed my hands of the whole thing and told them that they are on their own. SInce all of this has happened in confidence, I am rather hesitant to mention it to the boss before he arrives. He is certainly capable of taking care of himself, and I am not involved in any scheming. I don't want to drop any information to the boss to expect something and then have nothing materialize since that makes me a rat and a tattle. Neither if those is a good label to have.

My goal for now is to leave the job at the office and to enjoy my evenings with Hal and The Stooges. I think I can handle that part.

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