Another Wednesday

As I sit here at the office after catching up on all of the emails that the morning usually presents me with, I am finally able to take a short break and relax.

The morning commute was an adventure through the thick fog. Luckily I get to work early and there wasn't much traffic. I am glad that I was not in the mess that started about 30 minutes after I arrived, when everyone else hit the roads. The fog has finally lifted, at least around the office in NE Alexandria and hopefully we will see the sun at some point later today.

Last night, I watched the 1st half of the Kentucky vs Arkansas game and I had a feeling that UK was going to lose. I went to bed without watching the 2nd half and UK ended up losing in overtime by 2 points. The blah feeling that I have about UK this year stems from the impression that these talented freshmen cannot manage to find the inner desire to win a close game in a hostile environment. This is a trait that comes with maturity, and right now the 'Cats are sorely lacking in that department. UK is just not mentally tough enough and with the constant turnover in personnel, I doubt that this will change anytime soon. Keep in mind that I am NOT a coach, I cannot discern talent and predict the future.

My goals for today are to get through this day at the office, and to go home and rest this evening. I need to get as much sleep as I can. I do get tired more quickly as I get older after all. Once this week is over, I will have 4 days off and I want to be able to enjoy that time without sleeping all of it away.

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