January 29

Yesterday was a day full of news stories that were both predictable and incredible. The President delivered his State of the Union address, there was/is a huge mess in Atlanta, and UK lost.

The State of the Union was something that I missed since I went to bed early. I have not been surprised at the level of hatred coming from RWNJ after the speech however. I am so disgusted with RWNJ and the entire Republican Party that has nothing better to offer us than simple and barely disguised racism as their opposition to the President. The lack of respect due to the office is truly amazing. Not even GWB had this level of hatred directed at him. My sincere hope is that the RWNJ and their Republican allies are all voted out this November.

The situation in Atlanta was rather humorous at first, but as the evening wore on, it became clear that something serious had gone wrong there. Atlanta is not accustomed to dealing with snow, and I understand that. WHat amazed me was the lack of preparedness shown by the city and the residents after knowing that there was a storm on the way. Here in DC, they often go ahead and cancel things on the prediction of a major snow event to prevent the traffic nightmares that happened in Atlanta. I have been stuck in one of the "commutes from Hell" that resulted from everyone hitting the road at the same time and preventing road crews from doing their jobs. I feel terrible for those people stranded for hours in traffic, but one has to question the decision-making that allowed schools to open at all yesterday, and more importantly, the decision to close everything at the same time. That closing decision released everyone onto the roads at the same time. I imagine that this would be a disaster if there were no road problems due to weather, yesterday was just the perfect storm.

Finally, UK lost a game at LSU last night. UK cannot seem to get their heads out on the road. I never believed the hype that surrounded this team before the season started. Right now I look like a genius because of that decision. The Wildcats lack that killer instinct to put away a team with less talent. They also cannot overcome the obstacles of playing on the road. The SEC is NOT a tough conference this year. With the exception of Florida, the rest of the teams are mediocre at best. Losses like last night hurt UK's chances at a high seed for March Madness. At this point, I think that UK will be lucky to survive the first weekend of March Madness.

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