Last Night's Party

I mentioned in a post yesterday about my friend/coworker and his retirement party as he leaves the Navy Reserves. I attended out of respect for him, and to prevent any issues ever being raised about my not attending. I have to admit that the party was much more relaxed than I had expected it to be. I actually had a great time there with the exception of the psycho chick that tried to attach herself to me.

I was minding my own business, yes I was, and this woman managed to shoehorn her way next to me as I was at the open bar. She asked me if I saw some other guy nearby at the bar chatting with another woman. I said yes I saw them, and then she proceeded to unload with all her story about how the guy had dumped her. Obviously this woman was a lot drunker than I ever got last night. I had her tailing me throughout the party, constantly telling me her life story even though I did not want to hear any of it. When I tried to physically separate from her, she started crying and of course everyone thought that I had done or said something to upset her. Oh, I was very tempted to do so, but I held my tongue through the disapproving glances that I was getting from other people.

Eventually I managed to escape her attention to sneak out for a smoke. Just as I was beginning to relax, she showed up asking for a cigarette! I went back inside the bar to find my coworker and ask him just who the hell this woman was. He told me that she played on his softball team, and that she had “issues”. I told him that she was a psycho and that I was preparing to leave the party because I could not get a moment’s peace with her trailing me. My friend’s wife eventually managed to steer the psycho away from me. After that I had a much better time, made some new friends, and several of us were preparing to head to another bar to keep our own little private party going. I was shocked to find out that one of the girls in this group had invited the psycho to come along with us because the girls felt sorry for her. Bad sign that signaled the end of the night. Psycho would not leave the bar we were at because she found someone’s cell phone and insisted that she had to find the owner. We all told her to leave the phone at the bar and to alert the staff and that they would take care of it. The group of 6 people could not convince her to leave the phone alone and that it was the owner of the phone that should be worried.

After 15 minutes of assorted efforts to get psycho to leave with the group, I finally had to announce that I was leaving for home. I would have enjoyed more time with the new friends, but I was completely sick of dealing with the psycho. I think that next time I am out like that I will just be rude and unpleasant towards any woman who wants to dump her life issues onto me. I could have dealt with the group including her at another location, provided that they kept her in line. Now we will never know. I respect that everyone, myself included, wanted to make sure that psycho got home safely and would not be driving, but there is a point where you obviously have to realize that you cannot help everyone and must move on.

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