January 21st Part 2

Sorry I was unable to post last night

As the snow begins to fall here in Alexandria, Hal and I are all set. We did get out to BJs for some necessities and were very surprised to find that the place was not crowded at all. That allowed us to get back here before the light snow started. There is plenty of food here, including Hal's wonderful spaghetti so we will be fine for the rest of the day.

The snow is clearly visible from the windows here on the 17th floor but it seems to be hanging off to the North and West of us by a few miles. Right now there are only light flurries in the air and the ground is not covered as of 1000 this morning.

Nearly noon and the snow has really picked up in intensity around here. This is supposedly what we have been threatened with since yesterday. Luckily, everything is ready here. I managed to get a covered parking spot when we came back from BJs earlier this morning so I will not have to clean the Beetle off tomorrow morning, or whenever I go back to work. It is hard to believe that yesterday we were at 60 degrees here. I would rather have the 60 degrees!

It is now nearly 2100 and there is no more than 3 inches of snow on the ground. I will see what the conditions are like in the morning before deciding whether or not to go to work.

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