My Birthday wrap-up

My birthday started with a true surprise. Since both Hal and I have been saving money in order to pay off bills, I wasn't expecting much. Actually the only thing that I had asked for from Hal was to make some of his awesome spaghetti for my birthday. He made that on Sunday night.

This morning I awoke to find a birthday card on the bedside table. It made me feel awesome as I awoke to realize that I had turned 50 at some point overnight. I found Hal in the living room and we talked for awhile about plans for the day. Hal then got up and returned with a gift bag. I was stunned and thanked him before I even touched the bag.

I removed the packing paper meche and was totally stunned to find a SOL Republic Deck Bluetooth speaker. I am not a person who expects big or expensive gifts. I was speechless as I saw the speaker. Hal could tell that I was incredibly surprised and very pleased.

I managed to get the speaker put of the box with my hands shaking and got it connected to my iPod via Bluetooth.  It sounded wonderful, and I immediately began helping Hal to sync his devices to the speaker as well. Hal mentioned that he could tell how completely surprised I was, and that is an understatement!

We went out around lunchtime and Hal bought lynch for me at Buffalo Wild Wings. Again, I don't expect people to spend a great deal on me. It is the thought that counts. After lunch we wandered through Potomac Mills and I almost managed to get away without buying anything. However, one item caught my eye and I splurged on myself.

I know that there aren't many Royals fans around the DMV, so I appreciate the color and the uniqueness of something like this.

As we started home, we heard on the radio that we are supposed to be in for a significant snowstorm tomorrow. I already had taken Tuesday off to enjoy my special time for one more day so I am not worried about the weather tomorrow. As I close out this blog for today, I can say that this has been the most wonderful birthday ever!

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