Friday Eve

For many years I have referred to Thursday as Friday Eve. It is just a small thing that helps me to get through the week. At times like this I really need the encouragement! Luckily, I will have a four-day weekend starting after work tomorrow since Monday will be a holiday and I am also taking Tuesday off as well.

Things are going well, I am looking forward to my birthday celebration on Monday, and that is the main reason that I took next Tuesday off from work. I am sure that I will need some time to recover from things! I am looking forward to this year since I will eliminate a few bills that have been hounding me for years. By July, I will have the first and largest one taken care of, and the smaller bill will be eliminated before the end of the year. When I look back at the last 5+ years, it seemed that I would never reach this point in my struggle, but perseverance has paid off and I am nearly done.

Once those two hurdles are cleared I will be able to relax and enjoy life more. Although there are still things that need to be paid off they are not as pressing as the ones I am nearly through with. The concept of an actual vacation seems possible later this year, definitely next year. I will be making no real changes to my lifestyle as a result of this. I have learned to make do with less and that is something that I will continue to practice.

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