My 50th birthday

Today I turn 50 years young. I cannot say that I feel any different than I did yesterday, or the day before and I suppose that is a good thing since I feel great :) It is a time to look back, and to look forward for me. I am going to try and keep a daily blog during the next year since this is a special occasion.

The first interesting item  about me is the link that I have with Dr. Martin Luther King. Today we celebrate his birthday, although he was actually born on January 15th. I was born in 1964 and my Mother wanted me to be born on my father’s birthday which is also January 20th. My original due date was to have been January 15th, 1964 but my Mom managed to hold me back from the world until January 20th. A tenuous link, but one that I have always found rather inspiring.

The day should be interesting around here. Since it is a Federal Holiday, I have today off. I also took the liberty of taking tomorrow off from work as well since this is a special occasion. Not sure exactly what plans there are, but Hal and I will have a wonderful day together nevertheless. As I set off on this journey through my 50th year, I hope that I can maintain this blog, and that it will be both interesting and entertaining to the readers.

Let’s have a great day everyone!

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