January 28

Another cold morning in the DMV. For those of you not familiar with that acronym, it stands for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Since it is January and that means Winter, cold weather is something that is not a total surprise. The thing is that since our weather was so mild that this cold snap does seem especially brutal. The forecast is for it to begin to moderate by next week.

I got over 8 hours of sleep last night, mainly because I forced myself to go to bed after a nice hot shower before 9pm. As much as I dislike giving up time with Hal and The Stooges, I know that I am better off going to bed and getting more rest because I feel better every day after doing so. I am seriously debating altering my work schedule later this year if we move closer to where we both work. That will cut down on the commuting time and make the decision somewhat easier. Arriving at work early means I avoid the real rush hour traffic here and leaving early accomplishes the same thing.

Just after 0900 now and the flood of email has begun to arrive. Looks like this will be yet another busy day around here. No reason to complain because it does keep me employed.

Finally home after another busy day. I am going to relax and get to bed early this evening, like I promised myself. Perhaps I will be able to start writing about some other topics soon.

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