How many more shooting tragedies?

Today there was a shooting at a mall in Columbia, Maryland. 3 people are dead. There was another shooting at South Carolina State University as well  that happened yesterday. How many more incidents like this must we endure before we get serious about gun control in this country?

I am tired of the NRA owning politicians and preventing debate on this issue.

I am tired of RWNJ arguing that only guns protect us from government tyranny.

I am tired of hearing that the solution to these tragedies is for more people to have more guns. The emotional knee-jerk reaction that has proven to be the most deadly is the delusion it is always the wrong time to discuss this issue immediately after a tragedy with no timeline ever established. This is nothing more than a tactic to keep the issue out of the public realm as much as possible. The thought to discuss gun control immediately after a tragedy is the normal response, and not some over-reaction.

I am tired of the belief that the right to own a gun supersedes the right to not have to live in fear of the next mass shooting.

I am tired of the numbness that seems to have become the normal response to these tragedies.

I am tired of the fact that a tragedy doesn't rate coverage unless the body count is high.

I am tired of the mentality that our kids have to go through drills covering tragedies like this because we are too cowardly to address the real problems.

I am tired of people profiting from these tragedies by marketing "protective training" and "survival skills" books who crawl out of the woodwork to flap their lips on TV news when a tragedy happens.

I am tired of the glamorization of these tragedies.

I am tired of these tragedies being referred to as "incidents".

I am tired of hearing about people being "neutralized".

I am tired of these tragedies being covered only when they occur in affluent areas, as if the poor do not matter.

I am tired of the NRA and Ted Nugent and their hateful and insane shit.

I am tired that I even have to write this post!

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