January 30

This has been a rather unusual day for me. Things were much busier than normal at work this morning. I also had to travel to the client's office to do some weekly work at their location and I am leaving here early for a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It feels good to have gotten ahead of things and to be fully prepared for tomorrow.

My evening plans aren't that exciting. Once I leave the doctor's office I am going home and planning to relax and take things easy. I am sure that Hal won't have anything that he wants to do this evening, so I am planning to spend time with him and The Stooges and listen to some music.

With tomorrow being Friday, there is always the outside chance of something going on tomorrow evening. There is nothing like the party that I went to last Friday that I have been made aware of and I generally don't like to alter plans at the last minute, even if those plans are to do nothing! Since the weather is supposed to be considerably warmer tomorrow I hope to get more walking in. This cold weather has really cut into my 10K step daily goal. Looks like it will be time to catch up on that and get back on track.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of January already. 2014 has flown by so far! That is good since it means that we are getting closer to Spring and to my closing out some long-term debts. Each month I get just a little closer to being finished. It will feel good to send off the February payments since I know that by Summer I will be done with this stuff. That remains my main focus right now. I am waiting to get my tax refund so I can stash that money away with the exception of a few items that need attention. The money that I save will be directed towards the cost of moving later this year. Hal and I have decided that it is time to find a new place that better suits our needs.

I am stopping for now since I have to get things closed down here and leave for my appointment.

I was so relaxed when I got home that I forgot to post this note until Friday morning :)

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