Last day of January

Today is Friday, January 31st. This year has been flying by, at least it seems that way to me. The daily agenda has altered due to some people being unable to get to work in other parts of the country and that means that my normal Friday conference call that I host has been canceled. I got all the briefing information sent to everyone first thing this morning and they can review it when they get to work on Monday morning.

There are still things to do here at the office as the weekend approaches. It feels good to have the time I would normally have dedicated to the conference call to help take care of things. I will be here until the normal quitting time. I brought my lunch today so I won't have to get out. One of the coworkers has threatened to come over to the office around lunchtime. I say threatened because he is notorious for never arriving at all. The loose atmosphere is something that I am thankful for. It gives me time to take care of things that would probably fall through the cracks at a normal office.

I just got home from work a few minutes ago. The traffic was incredibly heavy for a Friday afternoon. The warm weather must have caused an outbreak of Spring Fever around here since most people work later hours than I do. Not that I'm complaining. It finally feels wonderful outside this afternoon. Since Hal has said that he is tired this afternoon, we will be staying home. Perhaps we will order some dinner. Tomorrow I have plenty of errands to run that will keep me busy while Hal is at work. I think that staying home is the right decision for us now.

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