The cold has arrived in the DMV

I just took a break here at the office and immediately noticed the change in the weather when I stepped outside. THe temperature was nearly 50 when I came to work at just after 6am this morning. Now, the temperature has dropped to 40 degrees, but the wind has really picked up from the North and the cold air that has plagued the middle of the country is arriving here in the DC area. This is the leading edge of the cold air that will drive our temperature down to single digits by tomorrow morning.

So far, this has been a mild winter around here, so the arrival of this cold air is really a shock. I feel for those who are without shelter in weather like this, and I hope that those people are able to get to shelter before the really frigid air hits. The same goes for animals especially for pets that should not be left outside in weather like this. If you have a pet that you care about, then that pet should be inside with you where it is warm.

Let's watch out for each other and hope that the cold air will move out just as quickly as it has moved in. 

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