January 22nd

It is really cold this morning! I was out the door and made it to work on-time today but I don't expect much to happen since the Federal Government is on a 2-hour delay. That is fine with me because it means that I can catch up with things that happened yesterday on my day off.

I always find it amazing how much stuff flows into my email on days that I have publicly stated are days that I will NOT be in the office. Apparently, this means that no one reads the notifications that I send out regarding schedule changes. This comes as no great shock to me.

I am expecting to have the office to myself for most, if not all, of the day here. The normal meeting with the client should be cancelled for this morning. If not, I will just have them dial me in remotely. It is too cold outside right now to stand around waiting on a bus if I don't really have to.

I did manage to get a good night of sleep last night. For this I am grateful and I hope to repeat that this evening.

 I did go to the client's office today after all. Getting there and back was an adventure due to the snow-and-ice-covered sidewalks. The cold made waiting for the bus rather miserable both ways.

It is now just after 5pm and I am home and just finished dinner. I am looking forward to a quiet evening and hopefully, a good night of sleep as well.

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