Dreamer's World June 13 2015

Saturday has arrived. It is rather overcast this morning, and I would not mind some rain to clear the pollen and allergens out of the air, to be quite honest. I have determined that I am going out today regardless of the weather.
This morning I celebrated the 24-hour mark since my last cigarette. So far, this has not been too difficult, but I realize that there will be some tough times ahead. I just hope that I can maintain the discipline to get through those times without giving in to temptation.

As the afternoon slowly meanders past, I am still smoke-free and not really suffering any withdrawal symptoms at this time. I think this has a lot to do with the allergy attack I have been suffering from. That has made me cough for several days, and not smoking just eliminates that irritation. I am still coughing regularly, but it doesn't hurt like it did the first few days before I stopped smoking. Hal has been suffering from the same allergy, but he has never smoked, and I have not smoked in this apartment since we moved in.
The middle of the day passed without incident while Hal was at work. I attempted to travel to Potomac Mills, but ended up stuck in traffic, so I turned around and came back home.

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