Dreamer's World June 19 2015

The end of the week is here at last. I was beginning to think that it would never arrive. The week just dragged on and on with work, the terrorist attack in Charleston and my continuing effort to quit smoking all demanding their share of my time and nerves this week.
Work is moving along rather well. Nothing new to report on that front.
Charleston took me by surprise, both by it’s violence and by the sheer audacity of the terrorist. It seems that we never learn from our past. As long as there are RWNJ out there who keep hate alive, we are susceptible to these terrorist attacks. The second worst part of the whole affair was the RNWJ politicians rushing to provide cover for themselves and to throw suspicion away from their hateful speech and policies that undoubtedly influenced the young terrorist in the first place.
It has become a common refrain. Blame the victim, blame the terrorist as an “isolated incident” or as “a disturbed individual”, blame the victims “If they were armed they would still be alive”. Blame everyone but the actual terrorist and their RWNJ supporting cast but trying to cast this as an attack on christians. This entire attempt to get away from the microscope of examination disgusts me. It says a lot about RWNJ that they want to talk shit, but are never around to deal with the consequences of their speech.

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