Dreamer's World June 9 2015

Tuesday started out with a schedule change for me. I had to take Hal back to his doctor in Bowie, MD this morning because he had some vision issues over the last few days. I was relieved when he came out of the office this morning and told me that there was nothing majorly wrong. Apparently, he just needs to take things easy for a few days and not get too stressed about things.
With the time that I took for the trip this morning, I will be working late today and tomorrow, until 1730 both days. I didn’t want to use any leave time right now, even though I would have done this and used the leave if I had to.
At any rate, I am back home and at work. Of course, there will be another endless conference call this afternoon, but I am not expected to provide much input, so I will try to keep working on other things as the people drone on and on for hours. After work finally ends at 1730, Hal and I have to go and vote, and then make a trip to the grocery store. After that, we will be home for the evening.
As my usual quitting time approaches I am faced with the prospect of another 2 hours at work. Not the most pleasant of outlooks, but at least I won’t have any leave time wasted. I repeat this drill again tomorrow, except I will start at the normal time of 0700 and go until 1730.

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