Dreamer’s World June 4 2015 - Rainy Thursday

Thursday has arrived, and just like Tuesday and Wednesday, it is cloudy and drizzling outside with the temperatures stuck in the low 60s. This is really annoying, but of course no one can do anything about the weather. It certainly does not feel like June outside with crappy weather like this.
At least working from home keeps me from being out in this weather to commute back and forth to and from the office. I don’t miss that office at all. To actually call it an office was a misnomer from the start. The place was a townhouse owned by the company that I work for. It was never designed as an office, but as a stop-gap solution to client moves in 2011. After 4 years, it became apparent that nothing was ever going to change, so I campaigned to shut the place down and work from home since the other coworkers had made their decisions to do so already.
That problem is behind me now. I am more happy working from home, although initially I was resistant to making the change. I am glad now that I did.
The afternoon has begun here. I had a salmon patty for lunch and can now relax and just listen in on phone calls for a few hours since my inputs are never asked for, but I am still required to attend. This will get me through most of the afternoon. There are no plans for after work, at least not yet. I am fine with staying home this evening since tomorrow is Friday.
I am rather ambivalent about work this afternoon. The meetings that I am required to attend are not ones in which I have a lot of input. Due to the 3-hour time difference between here and company headquarters, this is a daily pattern. It does kill my productivity during the afternoon, but this is nothing new. It has been this way forever.
Hopefully, the weather will be better tomorrow. If that is the case, I will try to make some plans for after work tomorrow. The weekend is still open as far as plans go, but I am under no pressure to make plans now. As long as I can save some money this weekend, I am up for almost anything.
I made it through the workday and will take some time to relax. I’ll try to catch up on the news of the day and make sure that I get to bed early this evening so I’m ready for tomorrow.
After some time spent listening to music as Hal watches Tv in the other room, I removed my headphones to discover that it has finally decided to rain here after all the cloudy weather. Makes the decision to stay at home really look like the smart choice. Now the hard part and that is whether or not to have another salmon patty for dinner or think about something else. Chances are that I will just have another salmon patty and that will be it.
The rain goes on. I had my dinner as promised, and it was delicious. Time for some quiet here, I think I have earned it. One of the things that always help is to write, as I have often noted. At the day draws to an end, I wrote quite a lot, but realized that it really wasn’t something I wanted to put down here. At any rate, I hope that everyone has a great night, and a better day tomorrow.