Dreamer’s World June 23 2015 - Social Media and The New Generation of Leaders

There is a growing consensus in this country that the Confederate flag should be taken down from all public places. I cannot agree more. That symbol of RACISM and HATRED has no place in our society today. I will not give any credence to those who want to claim that the flag doesn’t represent RACISM and HATRED, those people are beyond my ability to help them.
I know that this latest effort to get rid of the flag is the direct result of social media. Once again, the people have run miles ahead of the politicians and religious leaders on an issue. It is amusing to watch them, especially the RWNJ lunatics republicans trying to catch up with the rest of the country on this issue. After all, when RWNJ republiKKKans are forced to retreat on an issue that is one of the foundations of their RACIST and HATRED based platform, we know that something is changing.
In the time that has passed since I started writing this blog post this morning, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many other retailers have announced that they will no longer carry confederate flag-themed merchandise! This is a HUGE victory for everyone! Social media DOES work for the betterment of us all!

Social media has proven over and over that it is more important than the traditional media will ever be again. People who what information and NOT infoporn are learning that they cab find real information through social media. The mainstream media has been left to the lunatics who still want to have opinions disguised as facts poured into their empty heads, and I feel sorry for them, but I will not look back.
While social media has evolved from a very progressive worldview, we need to be aware that there are RWNJ out there who will attempt to manipulate it for their own agenda. The latest attempt to do this is the series of attacks on DeRay McKesson, and activist who came to prominence during the Mike Brown episode in Ferguson, MO last year. Derby has provided a voice for thousands, and a platform for an entire movement that is demanding change. He has not become rich with these efforts, he does them because it is the right thing to do.
Sadly, whenever someone rises up to challenge authority, there are those who take perverse join in attacking them. Derby has been the subject of attacks for some time now, but the RWNJ have begun to coalesce and focus their attacks against him with the purpose of discrediting him in the eyes of the public. These efforts are doomed to fail because the people that they are trying to reach no longer listen to them. They are only reaching those people with the same warped worldview that the RWNJ already have.
Social media has proven its effectiveness over the last few years. I cannot see a scenario where people return to the old media for information again. The lies that we have been fed have been exposed, the trust is gone. I wish that I had a portion of the courage that DeRay has, I admire him tremendously. I know that regardless of the slurs and insults hurled at him, they are the acts of desperate people who know that they are on the wrong side of history.
Never forget that the main objective of the traditional media is to keep you informed only with the opinions that someone else has pre-approved for your consumption first. Free your mind and find the truth for yourself. Remember that money talks loudly for too many people, and that those who can flood the airwaves with infoporn do so with an agenda. We all know the truth when we take off the filters that society has placed on us.

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