Dreamer’s World June 15 2015

Monday has arrived. We are still awaiting rain in order to clear out the air around here, but none has arrived. The last few days have seen thunderstorms popping all around us, but always seeming to just miss us at the same time. I am not sure why this run of bad luck is going on. Normally, I don’t like days to be wasted with rain, but the allergies have really affected me and the air needs a thorough washing with rain. Eventually, this will happen. Until then, I will just make it through each day as best I can.
Today marks the first day of my new schedule. I slept in until 0800 this morning and was at work by 0900. The drawback is that I am still at work at 1700, but this will allow me to no have to lose so much of my evenings due to an early wakeup from now on. Since it is the first day, adjustments will have to be made. I think that by the end of this week that I will be OK with the new schedule after all.
Normally, I would have resisted changing my schedule. I dislike being at work late in the afternoon. Then I realized that making this change was not going to be such an obstacle since I am no longer commuting, but am working from home. This is actually the first job that I have had in decades that doesn’t involve me having to be at work before 0700, and I am actually doing the job that I already love anyway!
Since I am in the last 15 minutes of the workday, I have let Hal know that we are going to go out for a little while in the very near future. We will make a trip to the grocery store if nothing else. Perhaps Hal has some other errand that he needs to take care of as well while we are out.
This evening will be a quiet one once we get home. I will have to make the adjustment of going to bed later at night for a change. I suppose that eventually this schedule change might make it possible for us to go out with friends on a weeknight occasionally.
In addition to this change to my routine, I need to refocus on my writing on a daily basis. I will do some more research into things that are of interest to me, rather than simply recounting the events of my day.

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