Dreamer’s world June 24 2015

We certainly got a lot of rain here last night. The storms were so bad that I shut down the iMac and everything else rather than run the risk of a power surge ruining things. This morning has dawned clear and pleasant, which I hope will be an omen for the day itself.

I am trying to stay ahead of things here since I am taking Friday off. Some items remain to be worked on, and they require some inputs from one of my coworkers. I will have to wait until he is online before they can be addressed. Until then I will be busy getting the routine things taken care of in the meantime.
Lunch should be delicious, I made salmon patties the other evening and there are plenty of them still here. All I have to do is to make some mashed potatoes and slice up an onion and a cucumber to be all set for a great lunch here. Working from home has its advantages for things like this. Hal has left for work, he always does a few hours each Wednesday in addition to his Saturday and Sunday shifts, so I am here with The Stooges for a few hours as I continue to work on things.
It is always rather frustrating when I have to wait to hear back from other people before I can make progress on a task that I have, but since there is nothing I can do about it except to wait, that is what I will do.
I enjoyed my lunch tremendously and now I am waiting to hear from the same people I mentioned before as well as for the daily round of conference calls to start this afternoon. Thankfully, today is my early day so I am off work at 1530 this afternoon.
As the afternoon moves slowly towards 1530, it is becoming apparent that the people I need to interact with are not going to make themselves available today. I have the records of emails asking them to meet with me in order to protect my interests at any future time. I am done with them for the day, I really don’t expect any response from them before quitting time.
The ;ate afternoon and early evening were uneventful here. We made a trip to the grocery store and are back home for the night. I am hoping to have a productive day tomorrow and then Friday off to visit with friends before the weekend. I hope that everyone will have a great evening.

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