Dreamer’s World June 29 2015 - The Power of Reconnecting

Sometimes, the simplest acts of kindness are the most treasured. A kind word, an offer to help, or a simple gesture of friendship make such a difference in our lives, whether we are the giver or the recipient. Never let an opportunity pass to do something kind for someone else because you will always be repaid in full at the end.

These things are all around us every day, but we are often too busy or caught up in our own lives to see them. These opportunities present themselves to us randomly, but if we learn to accept and act upon them in a positive way, a greater purpose soon becomes apparent.

I have recently experienced some of these events in my life. I reconnected with a childhood friend on FaceBook a few days ago. To some this might seem rather or mundane, but to me it was a very special occasion. I left my hometown after high school and never really went back other than a quick visit now and then. I had no ill feelings towards my hometown, it was just that my parents had raised me to explore the world, and not to settle down until I was ready. At the age of 18, I was ready to see the world through the eyes of college so off I went.

I decided after college to find a career and to travel in the process. I joined the Navy and that did allow me to fulfill both goals. I met people from so many different places, just in the Navy itself. I found myself drawn to people who had different life experiences than I had, and the bonds were made. As I transferred from place to place, some of those people drifted out of my life, and I drifted out of theirs. While this sounds rather sad, I understood it was just another part of life that I was experiencing.

I eventually found the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I have been happy ever since. As I grew older, the memories of childhood remained, and I often found myself wondering what had become of my old friends. I never was sure about how to reach out to them after all these years, and I hesitated.

Then last week, Thursday to be exact, I got a message from an old friend whom I had known since kindergarten. Regina popped up and asked how I was doing. It turned out that she had been readin some of my posts ( I was pleasantly surprised to discover) and we began typing away at each other. In less than an hour, we were on the phone with each other and reminiscing about our childhoods and the people that we both knew back home.

This is the reconnecting that I am talking about. Regina’s simple gesture made such a hige difference in how I felt about everything, and about myself in particular. I am writing this in part to express my gratitude to her for her interest. I began thinking about how we often pass up chances to do something nice for others. It diminishes us when we allow those opportunities to pass us by without acting on them.

Another example of what I am talking about is when a pet or an animal seeks attention. Over the weekend, each of our cats decided, at one time or another, they they would settle down in my lap for nothing more than companionship. To feel them purring made me realize that there was nothing else that I had to do that was more important than the time I was spending with them. A simple but very effective demonstration of the power of reconnecting with someone/something of value that adds so much to our lives.

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