Dreamer’s World June 5 2015 - Friday At Last

Friday is here at last! Even though the weather remains miserable, I don’t care because the weekend is just hours away. There are rumors that a burning orb might appear in the sky sometime in the future, but that is nothing more than a rumor at this point. Legend tells that this burning orb will cause the temperature to actually warm up, more urban legend stuff.
After fighting with my company laptop for over an hour, I finally got everything to work this morning. The stress level over this issue was non-existent because it is still Friday whether the machine works or not. I cannot believe that I only have 1 conference call to listen in on today. After 1300, I will be in shutdown mode anyway.
Once my day at work is over, I hope to get out for a little while. I have already asked Hal to decide what he wants to do. Whatever that turns out to be, it won’t involve staying out late since Hal has to work in the morning.
I completed my weekly meeting. Due to so many key players being absent, next Friday will be a repeat plus whatever new items come up before next Friday. I get paid regardless, so it doesn’t bother me. At least this means that I only have one conference call to sit through at 1230 and then the rest of Friday at work should be quiet as the weekend approaches.
The last conference call of the day is finally over with. Hal has not indicated what he wants to do after work, there are still nearly 3 hours until that decision comes due. I am going to do something regardless. Perhaps I will go to look at high-tech toys this afternoon, it will male me crazy and give me the inspiration to get a winning lottery ticket, if nothing else.
Now I have just over an hour left in the day and I am slowly closing things out for the week. I’ll have a smoke break and then come back to officially close this up. The sky is much lighter than it has been, but still no sign of the actual Sun. Hopefully, it will make an appearance sometime later today.
The sun never did come out, but Hal and I had a great time together regardless. We made a trip to get some cat food for The Stooges, went by the grocery store for some items, and then picked up dinner from Popeyes before heading back home. After we got home, we watched old murder movies from the 1940s on Netflix. The type of movies with a cast of shady characters and the wise-cracking detective who solves things. We laughed at the stereotypes that were in every movie.
After that, it was time for Hal to go to bed and time for me to write about our evening. Sadly, Hal has to get up early to go to work in the morning. I’ll miss him during the day until he gets home again. Perhaps I will get out some on my own tomorrow, but then again I say that every weekend and end up staying here. Either way is fine because we have a great life together.

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