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I finally have to write something about a story that just gets worse and worse. The lunatic family known as the Duggars have been exposed as a bunch of lying, hypocritical, RWNJ extremists. There was an alleged interview with the Mother and Father of the clan on Fake News. I never watch Fake News, but I did put together a list of questions that I would like the Duggars to answer. Presented in no particular order.

  • When were you first made aware of the behavior of your son, Josh?
  • How did you learn of this?
    • Was Josh caught in the act?
    • Was Josh reported by one of the other children?
  • Why were the authorities NOT notified when this behavior was discovered?
  • Who made the decision that this was best handled “by other means”?
  • What did you say, or have you said, to your DAUGHTERS who suffered at the hands of this monster?
  • Was the time that you were made aware of this the FIRST TIME that it happened? Or has there been previous reports that you chose to ignore?
  • If it was the FIRST TIME that you were made aware, and then discovered that this had happened multiple times in the past, what prevented you from notifying the authorities?
  • You make a living by presenting yourselves and your family as models for some RWNJ lunatic christian utopia on television. Do you feel any sense that you have defrauded everyone by covering this up?
  • How much money has the Duggar family made from the television series?
  • How much money has the Duggar family made from the political connections created before and during the run of this television series?
  • How much money did Josh Duggar make as a political lobbyist promoting the very values that he himself failed to live up to?
  • Do you see any failure in the way that you handled this situation?

Questions for others:

  • To TLC, how much money has the Duggars television series made for TLC?
  • Was anyone at TLC aware of this criminal behavior at any time before, or during the production of this TV series?
  • Is there any correlation between the decision to show a marathon of this TV show at the same time that the media finally got off their asses and reported on this story?
  • Has TLC benefited from any political connections that came through their relationship with the Duggar family?
  • To Arkansas Child Protective Services (or whatever it is called there), Was your agency made aware of these incidents?
    • If so, please explain your failure to follow these claims up with appropriate action.
    • If not, where was the disconnect that prevented you from learning of these events with the Duggar family?
  • To the Judge in Arkansas, have you benefited financially or professionally from any contact with the Duggar family?
  • To the church the Duggar family attends, has your organization benefited financially or otherwise from association with the Duggars?
  • To the republiKKKan party, has your relationship with the Duggars provided any benefits, financial or otherwise?

I could go on and on. Shame that no one will ask these questions.

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